City of Tucson Restorations

Updated: March 23, 2017

– no, not the Tucson Fox Theater

Welcome to the City of Tucson, antique fire engine restoration site.

In 2006, a group of volunteers gathered to restore the city’s 1928 Ahrens Fox. After completion in December of 2009, the group decided to tackle another project. In 1923, the City of Tucson ordered 2 ALF Type75 pumpers and 1 ALF Ladder Truck on the same purchase order. The Ladder Truck and one of the two pumpers have returned to Tucson. While plans were initiated to start the Ladder restoration, work stopped on the Ladder when the engine became available as the team determined that it was the best option for restoration at this time given the anticipated funding. The team began restoration of the 1923 engine in August 2010 and completed the project in March 2014. In June, 2015, with no other projects coming forward, the crew decided to head back to the ladder project.

The past and current projects are documented here. Click on a rig below (or a link in the right column) to see its story and status in photos.

March, 2017 – Due to the overwhelming size of the web site, the restoration photos for the ’28 Ahrens Fox and the ’23 ALF Engine have been moved to PDF documents housed within the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation Archives. To see tons of information and photos on these two trucks and their restorations please click the links below their Photos.


– 1923 American LaFrance Ladder.

A Mid-20’s photo of the current project

A Mid-2015 photo of the current project

The Completed 1923 ALF Engine on Display – Archives Link

The Completed 1928 Ahrens Fox on Display – Archives Link

Other Apparatus Document Archives Link– i.e. Fox Ops Manual, Lubrication manual, etc

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